About L.I.F.E Institute

An Exciting Place to Study!!

LIFE Institute is a friendly, small-sized school, hosting up to 40 international students each month. We are located in the centre of Toronto, with a one-minute walk from the subway station. LIFE Institute has 4 classrooms, a student lounge, Internet Coffee Café, and a library/video room. All students have free e-mail and Internet access.

At Life Institute our focus at all levels is on speaking. Our Full and Part-Time Programs are specifically structured to maximize the class time spent on developing students’ communication and comprehension skills. Our classes are small (maximum 10 students) to ensure individual attention, so that each student may participate as much as possible. An integral part of our curriculum includes the use of modern audio-visual equipment, which provides our students with the chance to listen and respond to contemporary spoken English. We have an "English Only" policy.

LIFE Institute offers three levels from Beginners to Advanced, as well as TOEFL and TOEIC preparation courses, Business English, the Cambridge FCE and CAE preparation courses, and IELTS (International English Language Testing System). At all of our three levels, students learn pronunciation and enunciation, stress, reduction and intonation, and idioms and slang. Our General Programs also include specialized components: Conversation Practice; Pronunciation Practice; Listening Comprehension; English through Pop Culture; Vocabulary, Idioms and Slang; and Writing and Organizational Skills. The first day consists of written and oral placement tests and an orientation of the surrounding area. Students are also tested at the end of each course and are given a monthly progress report and a graduation certificate upon completion of their studies.

The staff at LIFE Institute is enthusiastic, friendly and professional. All of our teachers are university graduates, qualified in Teaching English as a Second Language, and have years of teaching experience. Many of them have learned at least one foreign language; therefore, their expertise can make Second Language Acquisition easier and more enjoyable. Learning English has never been more fun!

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